The Mass Action Against the Banks campaign is probably the most significant campaign that has been instigated in modern times – because of its potential to make the most powerful group of people in the world (the bankers) submit to the democratic will of the people, contrary to their normal habit of doing precisely what pleases them, for their benefit and at the expense of the rest of us.

The international banking cartel (a closely knit group of financial oligarchs) dictate economic policy to governments around the world, including our own, by virtue of their total control of the world’s money supply. This control is absolute and operates through the central banks of the world which are themselves controlled via the very secretive Bank of International Settlement (BIS) established in Switzerland in 1930.

Nobody remains unscathed as a consequence of this cartel’s control of the money supply – although some may seem less impacted than others. This group of individuals manipulate the volume of money in circulation and decide how much is directed into which markets. They determine whether our mortgage interest rates are to go up or down and whether house prices will rise or fall by releasing or withholding funds. They control the direction of prices of shares and commodities (oil, minerals, silver, gold and coffee etc) by pumping large volumes of money where they want prices to rise and take funds out where they want them to fall. They control the price of the food on our table. They are the agents of poverty and deprivation. THEY OWN US.

They manipulate the amount of money that will be paid to us in our wages and pensions and thus impact on the lives of millions of low paid workers and vulnerable pensioners.

Every aspect of our lives falls to the grace of this international banking cartel which at a whim can shift billions out of a country and bring a democratically elected government on its knees. Governments who defy their diktats are pilloried by the main stream media (servants to the bankers). They do not survive.

This cartel is to democracy what cyanide is to good food.

Austerity is NOT a government initiative to solve an economic problem… it is a cartel directive to our government to further impose its autocratic authority over us and squeeze out the last remnants of possible resistance. They are very close to achieving their goal.

MASS ACTION AGAINST THE BANKS is us fighting back.

Our action directs itself to the problem i.e. it seeks to wrestle control of the nation’s money supply away from the corrupt banking cartel and place it where it belongs – in the hands of the people.


In the hands of the people… the money supply can be put to its proper purpose to stimulate commerce and trade, adequately fund our public services, fund communities… and increase wages.

In the same way that the bankers have usurped the people’s authority by stealth and unlawful manipulation of our system of governance so we can take back our authority by careful planning and co-coordinated actions.

The people are the power and authority and masters of their own destinies – but only when they work …


The British Campaign Group
Together for a better future.